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We encourage our guests to enjoy their time with us, doing things at a slower pace. A peaceful afternoon or morning can be spent on the banks of the Godwini River halfway between Rockwood Farm House and Cottage and Rockwood Forest Lodge. The brown trout found in the dam use the Rockwood river to spawn and young browns can often be found.

So, pack a flask of coffee, some sarmies and your fishing gear and head out to the dam or any of the fishing weirs close to Rockwood Mountain Lodge to try your hand at flyfishing – something the KZN Midlands are particularly well known for.

  • Young brown trout are often sighted at Rockwood in the early mornings or late afternoons; something to bear in mind when planning your fishing.
  • A 3wt fishing rod is ideal for casting shorter distances and catching smaller fish, whereas a 5wt rod is a great all purpose general rod which can be used to flyfish in most places.
  • A floating line is the most popular choice as it allows the angler the chance to present a dry fly on the water surface or a wet fly beneath the surface. An intermediate fly also works well in our waters as it reaches fish in deeper waters.
  • Use the correct leader and tippet; it’s just as important as choosing the right fly. We recommend a light tippet.
  • Past Rockwood guests recommend Mrs Simpson’s or Zak nymph flies as being used quite successfully in our dams and weirs. Bloodworm also works well.

Follow the signs to Rockwood Mountain Lodge in the East of the Reserve. Access with a four-wheel-drive only. Please bring your own fishing equipment. We are in the process of stocking the two dams at Spitzkop farm.