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How to Identify an Oribi?

How to identify an Oribi: Oribi generally have white crescent shaped bands of fur above the eye. Males only grow slender upright horns, which are ridged about halfway. They are most likely to be found in the grasslands in the early morning or late afternoon. Relying on camouflage, they will remain very still until danger is close before hiding or fleeing often with a shrill whistle sound.

Don’t confuse an Oribi with the common reedbuck who have dark lines marking the front of their forelegs and lower hindlegs and a whiteish ring, their eyes. White fur cover the underpants and can be found near the lips and chin. Most active during sunrise and sunset, preferring to lie in the long grass or reeds.

More similar looking buck are the common duiker – very shy buck who’ll duck out of sight when alarmed – and bushbuck whose distinctive brown coat has up to 7 white stripes or splotches on the side and a white band around the neck.

If you are visiting the Karkloof over the long weekend, do look out for the Oribi and mail if you see any.